General Overview

Tailor brands originally launched in 2014 on a mission to help freelancers and entrepreneurs build amazing online brands. It has since gone on to become one of the most popular online logo maker tools and now designs a new logo every second with their AI algorithm. Their success is largely due to the easy to use platform and competitive pricing that’s backed up with good quality designs. As well as providing a great logo maker, Tailor Brands also offer a full range of branding tools, including a website builder, with their premium subscriptions.

We decided to put the platform to the test and write up a detailed review to help make your decision of which logo maker service to choose a lot easier. Read the full review to find out if the speedy and cost-effective AI designer can really produce top quality designs for your business.

If you don’t feel like reading the full review right now, no worries. You can save some time by skipping ahead to the bottom line to find out if Tailor Brands is the right platform for you.

How It Works

The first thing to note is that it’s 100% free to create and design a logo with Tailor Brands. You only have to pay if you like the design and only after you’ve customized it to the point of perfection. This is a huge advantage over using a freelance designer because they will need payment even if they design you something that you hate.

The Tailor Brands logo maker claims that you can design a logo for free in less than three minutes. You will have to enter a few quick details about your business and select design preferences before the AI designer works its magic and creates a number of logo options for you to choose from. Once you’ve made your decision you can then use the logo maker design tool to customize your design to get the exact look you want. The process can be broken down into the following six steps:

  1. Enter your company/business name
  2. Choose your design preferences
  3. Highlight your font preferences
  4. Start designing with the AI designer
  5. Choose and customize your design
  6. Download your logo files

After trialing this process for ourselves, it’s certainly possible to be looking at multiple design routes for your logo within 3 minutes. However, if you want to customize your logo, it’s then down to you about how long you take to finish it. Nevertheless, it’s still a really simple and quick process that takes the stress out of briefing a designer and waiting for them to get back to you.

  • Tailor Brands use artificial intelligence to create multiple design options for your logo within just a few minutes.
  • Tailor Brands do not provide any consultation with professional designers.

Logo Maker Features

The Tailor Brands logo maker that you use to customize the AI-generated designs is really simple to use and allows you to tweak the already great designs to get the perfect look you want. You can edit the fonts, color scheme, layout, and the icon all from the editor sidebar. You just click on the section you want to edit and browse through the different options before selecting the new element you want. Then Tailor Brands will show you a new logo with your suggested changes, easy right?

There are 15 different font groups to choose from, all with various options. The great thing about editing fonts with Tailor Brands is that it shows you a preview of what the new font will look like on your logo. So, you can decide if you like the new font better before you update what you have. This can save a lot of time when compared with an editor where you have to load the new font onto your logo to see what it looks like.

When changing your color theme you can either choose from one of the many ready to go color palettes or you can create your own custom palette if you already have brand colors that you want to stick to. You can even use Hex codes to precisely match the color that you want to include on your logo.

The layout feature allows you to preview your logo elements in a different layout, hierarchy, or alignment. Again, this is another great feature that allows you to preview the changes before you make any actual edits to the logo. 

The icon-editing section allows you to browse thousands of additional icons to include in your logo. This is great if you love the layout but think that a new icon would represent your company values better. You can also change the icon size to make it a more or less important feature of your logo.

Finally, Tailor Brands have a number of preview sections that allow you to see how your logo looks in a variety of formats and locations. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how your logo will look in real life, but this feature helps you see what it will look like outside of the editor. They have previews for business cards, social media posts, t-shirts, and branded documents.

  • Easy to use editor with great preview functions.
  • No drag and drop capabilities.
  • AI-driven
  • Full customizable logo designs
  • Point-and-click editor
  • Design studio
  • Receive multiple iterations of your logo
  • EPS files
  • 21 Resize versions for social
  • Digital asset management
  • Logo creation knowledge resources
  • Free to create

Video Tutorials & Onboarding Animations

Even though the whole process of creating a logo with Tailor Brands is simple enough that you can work through it intuitively without the need for additional help, Tailor Brands has created a series of video tutorials that show you how to do various things on the platform. For example, there is a video for ‘How to create a business card, ‘How to adjust your logo sizes’, ‘How to download a seasonal logo’, and ‘How to make changes to your brand logo’ along with lots more.

These video tutorials can be found in the knowledge base which also lists lots of really helpful articles to help you understand and get the most out of all the different features on the Tailor Brands website.

  • A range of video tutorials and lots of helpful articles can be found in the knowledge base.
  • Users have to go looking for extra help as there are no onboarding videos or guides during the signup or logo creation process.

Additional Tools & Features

Tailor Brands is much more than just a logo maker, for a monthly subscription you can get access to a whole range of branding and social media tools which has everything you need to develop and grow a brand online.

You can design and print all kinds of branded merchandise like business cards, t-shirts, coffee cups and so much more. Tailor Brands can also use your logo to create branded business presentations and to create a brand book. They even have a feature that creates seasonal logos so that you can create a point of difference for your logo to stand out in busy cultural events like Christmas or Independence day.

Finally, their social tools let you take your social media branding to the next level. You can generate social media sized logos that will fit perfectly into all of the different areas like profile pictures, banners, icons, etc on various social media platforms. There is also a social media post design that helps you to create on-brand, professional posts that will help you grow your audience.

  • Branded merchandise
  • Social post design
  • Website builder tool
  • Vector EPS
  • Seasonal logos
  • Social media analytics
  • Schedule social posts
  • Media size logos
  • Digital asset management

Value For Money & Support

Free Trial & Features

There’s no free trial with Tailor Brands, however, there isn’t really a need for one. You can create and edit your logo for free. There’s no limit to the amount of logos you make or the number of times you can go back and edit them. It’s 100% free until you are ready to download your logo.

Pricing Plans

Tailor Brands operate with a different pricing model that most other logo makers. They have decided to go down the monthly subscription route rather than simply a one-off payment. But don’t worry if you just want your logo. You can sign up, download your files, and cancel your account with no questions asked and you will still have full commercial rights forever.

There are three subscription plans, Basic, Standard, and Premium. The basic plan starts at $9.99 per month. For this subscription, you will get PNG logo files, full ownership of your logo, social media logo sizes, logo resize tool, graphic design tools, and a mini-website builder. If you need EPS files of your logo you will need to sign up for the Standard subscription package. Whatever plan you choose Tailor Brands offer a cost-effective solution to designing a logo.


There are a number of ways to get in touch with the Tailor Brands support team. You can use the live chat system to get an instant response or use the contact form to start an email correspondence with the support team.

There is also the knowledge base that is packed full of helpful articles and an FAQ section which can be found within the live chat box to provide you with quick-fire answers to some common problems that people face when using Tailor Brands.

  • Live chat, contact form, and a knowledge base.
  • No phone support.

The Bottom Line

Tailor brands not only offer an affordable logo making solution but it offers subscribers access to a full range of branding and social media tools to help freelancers, business owners, and entrepreneurs grow a successful brand online. Tailor Brands will create you numerous logo designs in less than 3 minutes using the artificial intelligence designer. You can then fully customize your chosen design with the logo maker editor to get the exact look and feel you want. It’s 100% free until you want to download your logo and all of the pricing plans are very competitive when compared with other brands. We would 100% recommend using Tailor Brands services if you’re looking to create a logo. Head over to the Tailor Brands site now to create your logo for free today!

  • Quality Of Design
  • Value For Money
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  • Starting Price:$9.99
  • No. of Users:14 million
  • Founded:2014
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