General Overview

In 2016 Simvoly launched its own beginner-friendly website builder platform to challenge the more established brands like Wix and Squarespace. Knowing that they were a late arrival, Simvoly had to prove their worth if customers were going to take any notice of them and choose to deviate from the more well-known alternatives. It turns out they have been pretty successful and have generated a community of small-to-medium businesses who have chosen to use their platform.

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Design Capabilities
  • Variety of Features
  • Value for Money

It seems the success has been down to a friendly and easy-to-use drag and drop interface that makes designing and building a website feel like a breeze. Paired with an ecommerce solution that makes it simple for businesses to manage and promote their online sales.

We’ve taken a closer look at the platform and spent some time testing out the design capabilities within the editor. Read on to find out if Simvoly supports enough advanced features to create websites that can run as good as sites built from more reputable platforms.
If you don’t feel like reading the full review right now, no worries. You can save some time by skipping ahead to the bottom line to find out if Simvoly is the right platform for you. 

Who is it for? 

Simvoly is targeted at small-to-medium businesses looking to create an online presence without the need for any coding or advanced design skills. They claim they have the “easiest drag and drop builder” making this great for anyone looking for a stress-free and fast website launch. 
They have website and eCommerce templates for a whole range of industries with stock features already built into the designs to speed up the overall process of creating your website. 

There are ready-made landing pages and traffic funnel templates specifically designed to convert traffic into actual leads and customers. This stands out as a unique selling point and could explain why so many businesses are choosing to adopt this platform.

  • Artists
  • Business
  • Consulting
  • Fashion
  • Portfolios and CV’s
  • Photography
  • Real estate
  • Restaurants
  • Membership sites
  • Online stores


Beginner Friendly

Simvoly, like lots of other website builder platforms, position themselves as beginner-friendly. They have created an easy-to-use drag and drop editor and a variety of ready-made website templates so that anyone, regardless of their technical ability, can create a fully functioning website very quickly. 

Drag-and-drop editing

Compared with other drag and drop editors, Simvoly is definitely one of the better ones. It’s intuitive and you can move things to where you want them with no surprises.

There is also a good level of creative freedom. You can drag elements around within the content blocks to create a new hierarchy or move a title or an image to a completely new location. There is also a really neat feature where you can drag the content spacers to become bigger or smaller to really dial in the look you want from a particular content block.
This flexibility will mean that even if lots of other users choose the same template as you, you can still put your own stamp on it and make it unique.
However, there is a danger for beginners to become muddled if they move too much around. It’s very easy to change and move things, but not so easy to get them back to where they were. There is no undo button, so, you’re stuck with the choice of discarding all of your changes or spending what could be a considerable amount of time trying to get things back to how they were.

Despite being enjoyable to use, the lack of undo button stops it from being one of the best drag and drop editors on the market. Nevertheless, there are lots of positives and has the potential to enable lots of novice designers to create beautiful websites.

  • High levels of creative freedom, users can move and reposition any element they want.
  • No undo button can make it difficult to get things back to how they were without deleting all changes made in that session.

Video tutorials and onboarding animations

You’ll be signed up and staring at the editor screen before you know it with the fast onboarding process from Simvoly.

  1. Create a free account
  2. Choose a template
  3. Upload or create a text logo

And that’s it! After these three simple steps you will be welcomed with an onboarding video that takes you through how to do most of the basic functions on the site and where to find things that you might need.
After that it’s down to you to start testing out the editor and creating your website.

Design Capabilities

The editor

The Simvoly platform offers 200+ template pages for a variety of business niches as well as 200+ custom content blocks that you can add to your web pages with a few simple clicks. The easy-to-use drag and drop editor that we’ve already discussed above makes this platform accessible to anyone, even a complete beginner.

Ready-made content blocks include options for hero banners, call-to-action, image and text, videos, testimonials, menus, and much more. The designers have provided a number of style options for each type of content block which extends the design capabilities within the platform and makes it easier to create a unique site.

There is a basic image editor (and I mean, REALLY basic) that allows you to stretch an image and add in one of three shadow effects and that’s it. This is definitely an area for improvement.

You can customize the color pallet by changing primary, secondary, and background colors. All of which can be changed using RGBA color values or a Hex code to get precise color matching. This is great if you want to match one of the colors in your logo or other branding elements across your website.

Users are able to add up to 8 fonts on your Simvoly website with access to over 990 options with Google Fonts. Plus if you still can’t find the right one, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping a custom font file into the editor sidebar to upload a new one. The text styling section of the editor makes it straightforward to have custom fonts for each of the text elements throughout your site.

Every template comes with the option to be full-width or boxed-width, depending on your design preferences. This gives you the option to choose a more modern and contemporary design or go for a more traditional looking style if it’s right for your business.

Finally, Simvoly has made it simple to add in a variety of different widgets, just simply drag and drop the widget you need into a space on your webpage and it’s done. There are basic text, spacer, and image widgets as well as some for lead generation, sales, media, and other advanced features.

  • The content blocks come in a variety of styles so you can make your site unique and stand out from the crowd.
  • Very basic image editor.
  • 200+ templates
  • 200+ content blocks
  • Access to Google Fonts
  • RBGA color values
  • Full-width / Boxed-width
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Shape dividers
  • Add up to 8 fonts
  • Embed video and audio

Simvoly example websites

Links to example websites built with Simvoly:

Main Features & Tools

There are lots of exciting features packed into the Simvoly platform; one that really stands out is the funnel builder that allows you to increase your conversion rates and optimize sales. With the funnel builder you can add in an upsell feature at the checkout page. This presents customers with an upsell product right at the end of their journey and they can complete the upsell purchase without having to enter their billing info again. 

The platform also makes it easy to carry out split A/B tests on the funnel pages. Just simply click on the ‘Start A/B split test’ button at the top of the funnel page editor and you will then be able to create a ‘B’ version of your funnel page and compare feedback from the conversion rate data the platform gives you.

The Simvoly platform also offers a customer relationship management (CRM) solution so that you can manage all your leads and members in one place. You can create detailed profiles for all of your members and create custom signup forms to gain more members.

A neat feature that’s found within the editor is the ability to add a favicon icon. A favicon is a tiny icon or logo present on a web browser tab or in the search address bar. It’s an extra space for you to showcase your branding and it’s as simple as dragging and dropping a file into the editor to get it done. 

There are a few third-party integrations such as Mailchimp, Mailer, and Moosend that you can add to your site, however, there is a very limited number. You do have the option to add in thousands more apps with Zapier, but it costs $19.99 a month for premium apps. Compared to other sites that offer thousands of additional applications at no extra cost, this is definitely a downside to the platform.

  • The funnel builder allows you to create amazing sales funnels to optimize ecommerce performance with just a few clicks.
  • The platform offers very limited third-party integrations as standard.
  • Custom domain names
  • Split A/B tests
  • Fully mobile responsive
  • Create funnels
  • CRM
  • Custom checkouts
  • Membership areas
  • Booking & appointments
  • Add favicons
  • Third-party integrations

Marketing Capabilities

SEO – search engine optimization

Here at Website Builder Ninja we know how important SEO is to the long-term strategy and performance of online businesses. That’s why we carry out our own SEO audit on every platform that we review so you understand how well the platform has been set up for SEO performance.
Overall Simvoly performs well and scores highly on a number of important SEO tests, however, there may be a few areas of concern for eCommerce businesses.

Page speed is really important for SEO performance as Google considers it a direct ranking factor and will place faster websites higher in the rankings than websites that take longer to load. Simvoly scored highly on the page speed test, in fact it was in the third fastest out of all the website builders we have tested.

The platform supports other basic SEO functions such as the ability to edit HTML headings (H1-H6) and create image alt tags for visually impaired users. It also automatically creates a sitemap, friendly URLs, and canonicals.

However, there are a few features missing that make life easier for larger ecommerce sites. For example, there is no support for bulk editing SEO features like titles, descriptions, focus keywords, etc. This can become a very time-consuming process if you have a large inventory and upload new products to your site all the time.

  • The platform has great page speed and supports a number of SEO fundamentals.
  • No support for bulk editing SEO features.

eCommerce, Bookings & Other Plugins

Store options

Simvoly offers an all in one eCommerce solution that allows you to sell physical products, digital products, services, and members-only content. 
There are lots of ready-made eCommerce templates that have all the features you need already built-in or it’s as simple as adding in one of the sales widgets to any other template. Just drag and drop a store widget and list your products with a few clicks.

You can create custom checkout pages with a space for bump offers to upsell before the final checkout. There is also a fully customizable pitching area next to the checkout for you to sell and advertise other products and services that your business offers.

  • Product variations
  • Recurring payments
  • Discount codes
  • Custom checkout pages
  • Order management
  • Shipping rules
  • Tax rules
  • Customer profiles
  • One-click up-sell / down-sell

Booking & reservations

Simvoly has a built-in booking and reservations system to help you quickly create events, set your availability, and start taking bookings with just a few clicks.

To get started all you need to do is drag and drop the bookings widget onto your page. You can customize the bookings calendar and sign-up form to exactly how you want it. Also you can create an event, set up multiple operators or services, and finally, make changes to the style by editing the color and call-to-action button.
You can also connect to your Google calendar or CRM so you can manage everything from one place.
Enable the appointment buffer feature to avoid back-to-back meetings so you can make sure you have time to breathe in between a packed schedule.

To find out more head over to the Simvoly bookings and reservations feature page.

Payment options

Simvoly doesn’t provide a payment processing service themselves, instead, they leave it up to third-party providers. This means that Simvoly charges a 0% transaction fee on all ecommerce sales on the platform so you will only have to deal with the transaction fees of the third-party provider you choose to work with.
There are 12 leading payment providers supported on the platform including PayPal, Stripe, Afterpay, and

Value for Money & Support

Free trial and features

Simvoly offer a no-commitment 14-day free trial where you can test out all of the features on the platform, get to know the editor, and find out what’s possible before committing any money.

Pricing plans

After the 14-day free trial, you will need to sign up for a paid plan to keep the website you’ve created and to unlock the paid-for features. 
There are four subscriptions to choose from which include Personal, Business, Growth, and Pro
All of the plans come with free hosting, unlimited pop-ups, SSL certificates, a blog, third-party integrations, custom code, and real-time analytics.

The entry-level Personal plan starts off at $18 a month and is limited to 1 website with 20 pages, 1 sales funnel, 2 website admins, 10GB of bandwidth, and you can sell up to 5 products.

If you’re looking to connect a custom domain you will need to sign up for the business plan. Most other platforms offer custom domain connections with the entry-level plan so that fact Simvoly forces you into a more expensive plan for a custom domain is a big downside.

  • Every website comes with an SSL certificate.
  • Custom domains are not supported on the personal plan.


If you are just looking for some general tips and advice on how to get the most out of the platform then you can head over to the blog or sign up for the weekly newsletter for some guides on how to grow your business online using Simvoly.

There is also a ‘Learn’ tab that you will find in the main navigation that has a bank of useful how-to videos that teach you the basics about the platform and much more.

You might however, want some more direct feedback and support. In that case, you have two options, either fill out the contact form and a member of the support team will get back to you via email or you can use the live chat support for a quicker response.

The opening hours of the live chat support are not advertised and it is not 24/7.

  • Useful blogs and how-to videos help users get the most out of the website builder software.
  • No round-the-clock support.

The Bottom Line

Despite being a relatively new player on the market, Simvoly has earned its place and can definitely compete with some of the more established brands. 

The editor is easy-to-use, has great features, and allows a good level of design freedom so that you can make your website unique and stand out from the crowd. The platform also has a great SEO foundation that allows fast loading times among other things to help you rank well on search engine ranking pages. The funnel builder and A/B testing capabilities are definitely a USP for Simvoly and offer customers something they won’t get anywhere else.

Limited third-party integration options and no around the clock support hold it back from offering the perfect package. However, these might be fixed with updates to the platform in the future.

This is still a great website builder platform with lots to offer anyone looking to build an online presence without the need for any coding or design skills. If you think you like the sound of Simvoly after reading this review, why not test it out with the 14-day free trial and see if you like it as much as we did.

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Design Capabilities
  • Variety of Features
  • Value for Money
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  • Starting Price:$18
  • No. of Users:20,000+
  • No. of Templates:200+
  • Founded:2016
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