General Overview

The demand from beginners and small-to-medium businesses looking for an easy and quick solution to create a website and build an online presence is growing day-by-day. It’s no surprise then that new website builder platforms are entering the market trying to offer something exciting and different to challenge the well-established brands like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. Zyro is one of the new kids on the block, and despite only launching in 2019, it has already gained a following of thousands of small businesses and individuals who have built a website using their platform.

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Design Capabilities
  • Variety of Features
  • Value For Money

Like other website builders, Zyro claims that their solution is the easiest and best way to build a website. They think they’ve achieved this with an easy to use drag and drop editor and with fast loading times. We wanted to find out if these claims were true and if Zyro can really compete against some of the other brands on the market. We spent some time testing the design capabilities, SEO abilities, support features and much more to give you a detailed low down on Zyro.

If you don’t feel like reading the full review right now, no worries. You can save some time by skipping ahead to the bottom line to find out if Zyro is the right platform for you. 

Who is it for? 

Zyro is great for anyone looking to build a beautifully designed website really quickly without the need for any coding or advanced design skills. The platform has a drag and drop editor so anyone with basic computer skills will be able to craft a stunning website either for a business or a personal website.

  • Portfolios & CVs
  • Restaurants
  • Photographers
  • Designers
  • Fashion & jewelry
  • Musicians
  • Health & beauty
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Education & publishing
  • Weddings and events


Beginner Friendly

Zyro, like many other website builders, is set up for beginners. The fact that you can build a website without any design or coding skills and have everything you need to manage and grow your business all in one place, makes it ideal for anyone building a website for the first time. It also makes the process much quicker, more streamlined, and less stressful for more experienced web developers too. 

Drag-and-drop editing

The Zyro drag and drop editor is one of the best out there and is really nice to use. Lots of other website builders offer clunky and unresponsive drag and drop features which make it all too easy to destroy a design. Whereas the Zyro editor is smooth and allows you to move elements exactly where you want them.

Something else that makes it stand out is the grid function that appears when you are moving a piece of content to a new location. As you move an element to a new location the snap-to-grid function makes sure everything is lined up perfectly. This is great for beginners as it simplifies the process of aligning content and keeps the spacing consistent, ensuring perfection.

Each content block is professionally designed, however, users have the creative freedom to move elements within the content block to wherever they want. This means that you can edit the site to your exact requirements and really make it unique.

  • Snap-to-grid function makes it really simple to align content and to keep the spacing consistent.
  • None available in regards to the drag and drop feature!

Video tutorials and onboarding animations

Getting started with Zyro is really simple and will have you staring at the editor screen before you know it.

  1. Create an account by entering your email and business name 
  2. Choose a template
  3. Start editing

It’s really that easy to get started, there’s no wasted time or pointless question, it’s just straight into editing.

While it’s great to get things moving quickly, there is very little support during the onboarding process about how to use the platform. This might be fine if you’ve used a website builder before, but, if it’s your first time building a website you might feel like you’re not sure what to do next. There is some support in the resource section of the website but you have to go looking for it.

  • Really fast onboarding process.
  • No onboarding videos or animations to help users to understand how to use the platform.

Design Capabilities

The editor

We’ve already covered it but the highlight of the Zyro editor has got to be the drag and drop editor with the snap-to-grid function. It makes everything easy to use and makes the learning curve on getting up to speed really fast. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to edit effectively.

Adding a new content block is simple, just hit the add section button that sits between each content block and choose from either the pre-designed or blank content blocks. If you choose to go for a blank content block you populate it with content from the ‘add elements’ menu at the top of your screen. You will have a choice of text, button, image, video, map, contact form, subscribe, and social icons. 
While these options may be enough for personal websites and maybe some small businesses, it is a very limited offer. If you require any advanced content features, Zyro might not be the best platform for you.
However, the ability to populate your own blank content block is something unique to Zyro and allows you to create some truly unique designs. You will have a blank canvas and an innovative, easy to use drag and drop feature to build the exact look you want.

The text editor allows you to create HTML headings H1-H6, only they are labeled as an XXL heading down to an XS heading, so beware of what is what as you optimize your titles for SEO.
There isn’t really an image editor as such, however, you can crop your image, add alt text and link images to another page, a URL, phone number or email address.

You can do some basic edits to the call-to-action buttons by changing the text, choosing either the primary or secondary theme color, and altering the alignment.

In summary, the editor can be summed up as having a truly awesome drag and drop interface. However, it’s let down by otherwise basic features. Hopefully, this will be improved with future versions of the platform so that the drag and drop editor can be supported by other great features.

  • Drag and drop interface supported by an innovative snap-to-grid functionality.
  • Basic content blocks and a lack of advanced content features.
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Snap-to-grid functionality
  • Complete customization
  • HTML headings
  • Basic image editor
  • Ready-to-go content blocks

Zyro example websites

Links to example websites built with Zyro:

Main Features & Tools

Zyro has tried to stand out from the crowd and create a point of difference by hosting a variety of unique & innovative features on its platform. 
Before we get into the advanced features it’s worth mentioning that the Zyro platform has over 50 professionally designed templates that give their users the chance to create beautiful websites without the hard work and coding that is necessary if you choose to build a website on your own.
To help you make those templates come to life, Zyro has partnered with Unsplash, a vast image library with over 1 million free images. To use it, all you need to do is add an image content block onto your pages and click ‘replace image’. Then type in a keyword into the search bar and you’ll see thousands of relevant images for you to browse and select for your web page.

Something we have never seen before that will be something to watch out for in the future (especially if you’re a writer!) is AI writing tools. Zyro has its very own which is simple to use and will create relevant content within seconds. You have to select the topic, a category, and the type of text you want before clicking create. From there, the AI writing tool will produce a number of options for you to choose from. This will certainly speed up the content creation process.
It doesn’t stop there with the AI, Zyro also has an AI slogan creator, business name generator, and heatmaps. If you wanted to, you could sit back and relax while you leave it up to robots to create everything you need for your website.

Zyro also offers a free custom domain name and free hosting service that updates automatically to meet higher traffic demands, so don’t need to worry about your website crashing when you need it most.

You can also add third-party integrations to add further functionality to your website. However, there is a very limited number which includes: Google Analytics, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Messenger, and Google Tag Manager. These are only available to premium members.

  • AI business tools make it easy to create everything you need for your website.
  • Limited third-party integrations.
  • Custom domain names
  • Free hosting
  • DIY logo maker
  • AI business tools
  • AI writer
  • 1 million free stock images
  • 50+ templates
  • Powerful grid tool
  • Third-party integrations
  • SEO tools

Zyro Logo Maker

Zyro’s free logo maker is just one of many professional business tools that you gain access to when you become a member of Zyro’s platform. It’s 100% free, easy-to-use, and super fast! You can create a logo within minutes by following four easy steps: 

  1. Enter your brand name 
  2. Choose a template 
  3. Customize your logo
  4. Download and publish. 

The editor allows you to make basic edits to your logo design such as adding an icon, changing the color, selecting a new font, and creating a new layout. You won’t be able to create industry-leading logo designs with the Zyro logo maker tool, however, if you’re looking for a fast and free solution, then it’s a great option.

Marketing Capabilities

SEO – search engine optimization

We understand the importance of SEO to every business’ long term strategy and that’s why we conduct our own SEO audit on every platform we review to give you an honest description of what you can expect from each builder in terms of search engine optimization.

The first thing we had to check out was the claim on the homepage about Zyro creating super-fast websites. This is important because Google considers page speed as a direct ranking factor and they are much more likely to rank your website highly if you have a fast loading time. It turns out they were telling the truth and they scored really well on our page speed test, not too far behind the industry-leading Webnode who have scored the highest so far on our page speed tests.

Some other basics that the platform supports are the ability to create image alt tags, edit URL tags, and the platform will automatically create a site map for premium sites that Google will use for faster indexing.
However, there are a few missing SEO fundamentals that will make it hard for sites with lots of content and multiple pages to rank well. Firstly, there is no schema present which is a form of microdata that creates rich snippets and creates the stars you see on google listings for eCommerce sites. 

The platform does not support auto-image optimization so you will have to do a lot of work manually which could be tricky and very time consuming for larger sites.

Finally, there is no code editor to allow you to create external code to improve your SEO and other areas of your website. So even if you wanted to, you couldn’t get the help from an SEO expert to help your Zyro site rank better.
Overall Zyro has scored some mixed results in terms of SEO. Despite having a great page speed, the missing elements will make it difficult to rank well on the search engine ranking pages.

  • The platform scored really well on our page speed test.
  • A lack of schema, auto-image optimization, and canonical tags will make it difficult to rank well.

Ecommerce, Bookings & Other Plugins

Store options

With Zyro you can create an online store within minutes by simply adding in the product listing content block and connecting to a third-party payment processor.
You can sell across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon with the ability to promote your products with powerful built-in business tools.

The platform makes things easy by allowing you to manage everything from inventory and shipping to marketing all from the main eCommerce dashboard.
For eCommerce+ customers, you will unlock advanced features such as abandoned cart recovery and language translations so you can make your business global.

  • You can sell your products across multiple platforms and manage them from one central place.
  • Ecommerce features are only available with the most expensive subscriptions.
  • 100% commission-free
  • Sell unlimited products
  • Create discount coupons
  • Gift cards
  • Multiple payment options
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Multiple languages
  • Sell on multiple platforms
  • Custom shipping & tax
  • Complete order tracking

Booking & reservations

The Zyro platform doesn’t currently have a booking and reservation solution. It is possible to include a contact us form which would allow you to take bookings but this is not a complete solution and would be very labor-intensive if you have a business that takes hundreds or thousands of bookings each week.

Payment options

Zyro doesn’t charge any transaction fees because they leave it all up to third-party providers.
You can choose from over 70 payment providers including big brands such as Paypal, Stripe, Square,, and many more.

Value for Money & Support

Free trial and features

Zyro does have a free trial where users can test the site to see if they like it before committing any money. 
You will be able to use all of the AI business tools. However, you will be limited to 500mb bandwidth and 500mb of storage.
If you want to test the premium features you will have to sign up for a paid plan.

Pricing plans

So, what are your options?
There are four pricing plans, all of which are pretty competitive including a really cheap entry-level plan. These include Basic, Unleashed, eCommerce, and Ecommerce+.
The entry-level Basic plan starts off at a really low $2.99 per month and gives you access to 3bg of bandwidth, 1GB of storage, and the ability to connect your own custom domain name. 
The Zyro ads will also be removed which is a big plus for such a cheap price.

  • Really cheap starting price.
  • The ability to sell on other platforms is reserved for the most expensive plan.


The Zyro platform does offer 24/7 support, however, this is only in the form of email communication so it might take some time to get a response, especially when you compare it to live chat and phone support.
We did test it out and got a response within an hour of sending the query, so you won’t have to wait around too long. The customer support team were also really helpful and friendly.

  • 24/7 round-the-clock support.
  • No live chat or phone support.

The Bottom Line

This new platform has lots to offer. It has one of the best drag and drop editors on the market which makes editing even easier when paired with the innovative snap-to-grid function. You can customize everything on the editor to get the exact look you desire and make use of the AI business tools that can do so much of the hard work for you.

There are however some downsides to the SEO features, as well as a lack of advanced content features and marketing tools that might make it difficult for some businesses to run effectively from a Zyro site. As it stands Zyro would work great for smaller businesses and personal websites that don’t need too many advanced website features.

However, I do predict that as this platform develops it will definitely be able to compete with the bigger brands on the market as it already has a host of unique and innovative features that can’t be found anywhere else. 

If you want to try Zyro for yourself, head over to their website, and start your free trial.

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Design Capabilities
  • Variety of Features
  • Value For Money
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  • Starting Price:$2.99
  • No. of Users:40M
  • No. of Templates:50+
  • Founded:2019
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